Photoblog – Breakfast for lunch


Chorizo and egg patties with provolone, bacon, and grilled onions. Didnt have lettuce or tomatoes – would have sealed the deal…

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At 17 cents a pack, why not?



ramen block


Who doesn’t love ramen noodles? I’ve tried sprucing up my cheap noodles in the past and, although, the results weren’t bad, I knew there was more information out there.

I just got back from the store with a bag full of different flavors. Just the basics, really- chicken, beef, and shrimp.  I’m going to try these tips out for dinner tonight and see what’s what.  This is great, though! This opens up so many possibilities for lunch and dinner during these crazy cold winter days.

Souped Up: How to Make Instant Ramen into a Gourmet Meal.