Are all those options on newer cars needed?


STSCPanel I love this image of the Space Shuttle’s cockpit.  So many controls and screens.

It reminds of newer cars though, and not in a good way.  On the shuttle, the plethora of controls makes sense. 

My first car didn’t have a digital radio – I installed one afterwards.  The A/C had those slider switches.  Now, A/C controls have many variations, multiplied by the number of passengers – since they all have their own environment controls.

Cars are getting closer and closer to the complexity of a space craft. Instead of making them simpler and smarter, we’re making them more reliant on our feedback. The logical progression isn’t more options of high techy-ness, but towards autonomy.


The Nissan Rogue


Nissan RogueThe Nissan Rogue.   I don’t think my dad would agree with me, but I believe we are a Nissan family.   I have owned or driven many different Nissan models over the time of being licensed to drive.   No other car manufacturer “does it” like Nissan, in my opinion.   They run forever, they are simple to repair, they look bad ass, and they have the best sounding engines (next to BMW, see below. ).   I like many other car companies, but Nissan has to be my favorite.   After owning a 300 ZX ( I beat myself up for selling that car now…) I knew that Nissan was my favorite.   It was so much fun driving that car, I just wish they didn’t make the interior maroon.. yuck.   Now we have a 2001 Sentra for Ciriana and Izzy, but if we decide to have another child soon, we will need a car with a larger back seat.   Izzy’s baby seat is HUGE, and there is no way we can fit two of them.

The only bad thing is that it has no Hybrid option (yet?).   We really want a hybrid for our next car with gas prices going up like they are.   The other option is a Ford Escape Hybrid or a Nissan Altima Hybrid, which the latter currently not being sold in North Carolina.   The Ford Escape doesn’t get as good mileage as Hybrid sedans (obviously), but I would trade my truck in for that.   If we get a sedan, we will trade in Ciri’s car, which should be about half way paid off by then, if not more.

One last point: the Rogue not only looks cool, but it’s also named after my class of choice in World of Warcraft.   It’s a win-win, man.   Now, if only they could make it into a hybrid.

BMW X5 Engine Sound:


Top Gear


I was watching some of the Top Gear videos on You Tube and I found this gem. The hosts are very witty and, man, can they drive… so I like watching them test different cars; nothing better than humor and cars, right? Take a look at this loads of fun…