I just heard the A-Team song. Feel like building defenses for the house in case a corrupt sheriff/drug dealer/dictator/etc comes to harass my family.


Almost a year ago I bought a new keyboard.  Not just any old QWERTY styled piece of plastic… no no – a solar powered wonder of technology.  Countless number of lines coded.  Thousands of emails written.  Numerous facerolls committed. Yet here we are – still ticking and kicking ass.

Logitech K750 – very thin and solar powered.  The only thing that would make this better would be a palm-heat powered mouse to go with it.

I love my keyboard.


Late hours on the computer


When I wake up early to get a jump on work, one of my favorite moments is when my monitor’s brightness changes as the sun comes up. 

I have F.Lux installed because I do a lot of stuff either really late or really early.  When F.Lux brightens my screen in the morning, it’s almost like a happy cup of coffee; like watching the sun come up but not knowing you were waiting for it. 

When we first moved in, we had one trash…


When we first moved in, we had one trash can that held all our trash. It was picked up every week. We started recycling (at the local recycling center) and composting (or a while, anyway) and we then needed it picked up every three weeks. Now, no composting, separate recycling container? Both bins get picked up every two to three weeks. Two things amaze me: 1) how much trash we make and 2) how much recycling augments the rate we fill the trash can.