The key to success with Evernote


I’ve switched organization styles numerous times with my notes over the years.  Through every change, though, only the search engine maintains my sanity.

Knowing how it works is important, but you can get by with basic understanding of search concepts.  For people wanting to make Evernote “work” for them or for people like me (fanboy to the core) who just want to learn how to use searching more efficiently, reading the Evernote Search doc is key to success.

Evernote Search Grammar – Evernote Developers.


Tactus Technology Can Make Physical Buttons Rise Up Out of Touchscreens – Core77



The possibilities of this are astounding.  Obviously some sort of braille reader.  It’s not very dynamic (it can only have one set of buttons at a time, apparently) but just from a quick conversation, I’m thinking Apple could use this to completely remove all the buttons on the iphone. For example, the volume buttons don’t do anything in certain situations. With this technology, the buttons would be gone in these situations!


Tactus Technology Can Make Physical Buttons Rise Up Out of Touchscreens – Core77.

Little Printer – Almost a personal thermal printer


Little Printer | BERG Cloud.

I want one of these, but only if I can print my own content to it.  I can imagine many uses for it at work for use in our current workflow.  I can think of even more uses for this at home… to do lists, meal plan/menu…

What about giving one to parents? I can print out things remotely about the kids and stuff.  Can’t do that right now, it seems, as it looks like they have it locked down.  It’s not a printer per se.  Still, beautiful delivery of another method to consuming online content.

I need the emergency toy, STAT!


That’s something you hear often during our car trips up to Grandpa’s house.  Even though we try to ration toys to the children we still end up empty towards the last leg of the trip.  There have been times where we forget many of the toys from the start – it’s those situations that the emergency toy would come in handy.  A bear, though? I guess, but what about an inflatable car!

via Yanko Design: Enjoyment in Heavy Times.