Best. Kids. Room. Ever.




Holy cow, this is one of the coolest designs I’ve ever seen! Brilliantly executed, it has so many kid friendly features (read: kid at heart).  I love it. Wow.

Ultimate Pirate Ship Bedroom (14 pics) – My Modern Metropolis.

Found via Dudecraft.


2 thoughts on “Best. Kids. Room. Ever.

  1. Yea, my son is turning two this year and even though he loves to climb things, I’d wait on it too. On the other hand, I wonder more on how my kids would perceive the room after puberty. Or any kid for that matter. Would it be the equivalent to having a car bed at age 16? Which then means you’d have to take the whole thing down if they became embarrassed by it.

    Or, I could be over-thinking it. Either way, it is very much cool.

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