Ma' Birthday's Comin'


It’s wishlist time. Last year was a pretty successful year for my annual personal holiday, I got Mario Kart, my sub-woofer, and a few other doo-dads. This year is a tough one for many people including my family and friends. I never expect gifts from them but they always ask what I want. It’s also fun to just list the things I am excited about.



One of my biggest things this year is creativity and art focused around the things I grew up around: video games, puzzles, and toys. One of my favorite art forms to indulge myself with is music. Lately, when I am on my computer, I’ll be listening to Last.FM’s video game channel. I discovered an awesome band called The Protomen. They’re widely popular right now – and rightly so – their music is based on the Mega Man universe and has a real dark apocalyptic tone to it. Beautiful music. Me want.

I’m also trying to return to my electrical-geek days by making my own USB powered LED lights. I bought a big bag of random LED’s off of eBay some time ago thinking my parents still had my electronics toolkit that I left behind. Nope. My Dad must of taken it years ago. The only thing I really need right now is a breadboard. I’d love to get a new soldering iron, a bag of random resistors, and some perfboard… but that’s for later.

While I am on the subject of electronics, I have been itching to play with one of those Arduino boards. I like the LED email alert widget that can sit on a desk. I long time ago, I wanted to make a unit that attaches to the trash can that will send me a text message when the trash can is not on the street Monday night. It’s an expensive idea that really outweighs any benefit I get from it, but that’s how this geek rolls!


Ventura County Photgraphy

I have enjoyed photography for decades. I can’t even say when I really started to love it – that’s how far back it goes. I never took classes on photography, instead I learned and gained inspiration through the works of others. I bought photography books left and right. Today, I am doing the same with drawing and art. I’ll take any good books on photography, watercoloring, pencil sketching… anything. Books on graphic design, typography, web design, and pretty much anything design is also on my list. I’m absorbing knowledge like a friggin’ Sham-Wow right now.

The last thing on my list are gift cards, specifically for downloadable content. I am really into the iPhone apps and WiiWare downloads, more-so than buying actual games at the store right now.  I think iTunes gift cards work with the app store and Wii Points cards are everywhere.

I’m trying to be good this year. Ciri says it’s really hard to shop for me because everything I want is very expensive. As you can see, not one gift passes the $50 mark!  Yay me!


3 thoughts on “Ma' Birthday's Comin'

  1. You know EE? I’ve always wanted a desktop (real desk) hard drive monitor – you know, that lights up when the hard drive is accessing. Having them on the front of the case is pointless and having a little doodad that could sit on your desk and plug into the USB would be awesome.

    I wish I need electricity but it scares me. I’ll stick with programming and Hot Wheels 🙂

  2. And thanks for the Protomen link – love it. I’m an 8-bit junkie. I’m sure you have, but head over to and for some more sweet chiptunes.

  3. EE? Electrical engineering? Kinda. That was my major in college ’til I dropped out. I realized that electronics is more of a hobby than my life.

    I’ve seen all those heads up displays that hook up to USB.. only these display all sorts of info like temperatures and more crap that no one will ever actually need. You know. You could drill a small hole in one of the empty pci panels, run a wire from the motherboards HD activity pins to an LED on your desk. Just an idea. 🙂 I love electricity, I stuck a paperclip in an outlet when I was a kid and I laughed after I got shocked. I thought it was cool. That may explain some things about me, right?

    Protomen rule. The backstory is awesome writing. I’ll definitely check out the links, i have a whole playlist on my Zune just for 8bit stuff that really needs to get bigger. 😉

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