Forgot about the Dragonball movie…


Bobby got me into Dragonball Z when we were younger.   It’s such a loooong series and it kind of gets repetitive towards the later sagas.   Then they did Dragonball GT and killed the whole thing.   I’m more of a Dragonball series fan.   Dragonball Z was cool, but I like the adventures and the movies of the original series.

Anyway, I forgot it was coming out and I just searched for some trailers and I guess this is the most recent one.   Fun stuff.

Oh.   And Emmy Rossum is hawt!


2 thoughts on “Forgot about the Dragonball movie…

  1. I have mixed feelings on this movie. I was also a huge Dragonball fan when I was younger, and even got into Dragonball Z. But just like you said, GT kinda killed the love. I mean, their hair just gets longer and longer and we’re supposed to get excited again? Pfffft.

    I will definitely be catching this movie in the theater, though. I’m just going to go in with REALLY low expectations so I don’t have my fond DBZ memories tarnished 😉

  2. Please don’t get me started on their hair… 😉 …

    This seems to be the consensus with fans of the anime. Everybody is wincing, waiting for it to flop. I want to be hopeful and excited but everyone’s thoughts are right, lots of the anime/video game/cartoon to live action film translations don’t do well. Sigh… keeping my fingers crossed, though!

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