Cavemon, my Hunter in World of Warcraft


I started a new character a while back, a hunter this time.   I avoided the hunter class because a good portion of players chose it over any other class.   I can understand why, it’s a simple class for beginners but also complex enough for experts.   I don’t like doing what everybody else is doing, so I chose a Rogue instead.

Well, I finally gave in a few months ago.   I made a troll hunter and named him Asbestos.   My server went up for a free transfer and I chose to transfer all my characters to a different server, when I did, I had to change his name to Cavemon since Asbestos was already taken on the new server.

I really want to create a complete back story for all my toons, but for now I just want to show off my little cat collection and give a small role-playing background too.

Cavemon and Pringles

Cavemon and Pringles

Pringles the Ghost Saber

Pringles was really the reason why I wanted a hunter.   He is a ghost saber, which is why he is somewhat transparent.   No other cat in the game uses this texture – when not in stealth.   That’s why I wanted him, because of his unique coloring and transparency.   He’s a cool cat, too, listens pretty good.   Loves his stomach being rubbed, which is weird because he is a ghost cat…

Ciriana was surprised that I didn’t name Pringles after my real-life cat: Jefe.   I didn’t think Pringles looked like Jefe at all, so I decided he needed a random name.   There was a tube of pringles on my desk and I thought it would make a neat name for a cat.   He is my favorite pet, but I am trying to focus on my tanking pet while I am questing on my own.

Jefe the Night Saber

So after Ciriana made me feel bad for not having a cat like my Jefe, I went out and found a striped cat.   For those that don’t know, Jefe – or Jefe’n as we now call him thanks to Ciri’s four year old brother- is a trouble maker.   I think he is half savannah because his stomach has spots and his fur is very soft, otherwise he is all tabby.

Cavemon and Jefe

Cavemon and Jefe

So the virtual Jefe is a young cat with ADD and an affinity for causing trouble.   He loves taunting and annoying Pringles by running through him.   He also likes carrying Ciri, my pet crab, around pretending he is going to eat him.

He is quite the handful.

Ciri the Crab

Can you guess why I named my newest tanking pet Ciri?   As I mentioned above, Ciri is a crab, both in-game and in real life.   😉   I thought it was a perfect name for my new crab and Ciriana does a great impression of a crab.

Ciri the crab hates cats.   I found her on a fishing trip in Duratar after she gave Jefe the one finger salute.   Don’t ask me how a crab is able to flip someone off, she just did.   After I tried throwing her back in the ocean, she jumped back out and followed me back to the city.   She is not my pet, she is just hanging around so she can kill Jefe.   Something about Jefe eating her family.

Baby Gorilla

Baby Gorilla

Izzy the Gorilla

Ok, so I don’t really have a pet named Izzy just yet, but I will!   I’m going to get a gorilla as soon as I am leveled enough.   We call Izzy a little monkey and I thought it would be fun to have a gorilla named after Izzy in the game.   I know that gorillas aren’t monkeys, but it’s still funny.

The gorilla I want is a baby gorilla, but from what I am reading it is untamable.   Which really sucks – it would be perfect since I am naming it after a baby.   I’ll just have to find another gorilla that is somewhat cute.

Most likely I will have to get rid of my crab once I do get a gorilla since I don’t have enough gold to keep so many pets in the stables.

Jefe Rebooted

Jefe Rebooted

Jefe: Rebooted

Petopia is a great reference for Hunters that need detailed info on the different pets in World of Warcraft.   Since I don’t have the newest patch- Wrath of the Lich King – I didn’t know they introduced new pets like rhinos and spirit beasts.     After reading through Petopia I found out that the only spirit beast currently tamable by Hunters is “Loque’naha.”   He’s basically a cat, but with some different moves and an awesome coloring scheme!

I will role play this by either just adding him to my troupe, or by making Jefe into this cat.   I will release the cat I have now and rename this new one.

The story will be something like Jefe was hit by a car and the only doctor opened at the time was some crazy undead dude that turned him into a glowing bad-ass super cat.

This is a long ways away, since the beast is a level 76 elite and Cavemon   just barely leveled to 25.   I probably won’t be able to tame this pet until at least level 75 and only with the help of others.   Plus he is a rare pet that only shows up every now and then.