On a Final Fantasy Kick, there should be a group…


I don’t know why I have been jonesin’ for some Final Fantasy.   I went searching my cd cases for all of my Final Fantasy music that I backed up to data CD’s just in case (I lost all my mp3’s some time ago, good thinking on my part! Yay!).   I uploaded them all to the Precious the other day and I have been listening non stop.

I got Final Fatnasy X-2 in the mail after trading one of Ciri’s books on Swap Tree.   Heh heh.   Haven’t had the time to play it, though.   I’m looking to get more FF games for the DS, especially FFTA2! I can play my DS anywhere, even while I am taking care of the baby.   She likes to sleep on me and when she does, I’m pretty much stuck on the couch… and TV gets boring.   So I’m hoping to come accross someone on Swap Tree that wants to trade FFTA2 for another stupid interesting book.   Oh yea, I forgot to mention I finally finished FFTA last week.   Kind of a weak ending, but it was still a lot of fun to play.   I was looking for my Final Fantasy Tactics for the PSX set and I couldn’t find it.   I’m trying to remember if I traded it in at EB games at one point.   I remember the game was stupid hard, and I really hated it.   Now I want to give it a try again.   Oh well, one game at a time I guess.   Besides, I have many other projects I have to worry about right now.


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