Drawings of eyes…


I’ve been playing around with Art Rage lately.   I hear eyes are the hardest part to draw, so I started with those. Not too bad… still have a way to go, but still not bad at all.   I mean, for me anyway.   A friend from work let me borrow a book on drawing manga, it’s been pretty helpful.   I think I am actually pretty good at drawing, I just need to learn the techniques.   The book really helps me with that.   I think I am going to shift over to inanimate objects for a bit, just so I don’t get bored.   I also, want to come back to eyes later with a fresh mind.

The picture of Ciri came out REALLY orange.   It wasn’t like that until I saved it into a JPEG.   For some reason (i’m guessing the compression) messed with the colors.   When I was drawing her, she was more pink than orange.   I like the set of two blue eyes, it came out pretty well shaded.   The eyes are close together, but still a good attempt.   The green eye was a failed attempt at a more realistic approach to the eye.   Yea, still need a lot of work.   Ok, well, there’s another big storm overhead, and it’s time for bed.   TGIF, though.   Oh yeah, tomorrow is happy iPhone day!   Ooo….   Just thought of a post for tomorrow…   Heh heh.   Ok, G’night, all.

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