Final Fantasy Tactics: A2


Final Fantasy Tactics A2I’ve said before that Final Fantasy is my favorite RPG brand of all time.   I recently picked up Final Fantasy Tactics for the Game Boy Advance again.   It’s been a while since I last played it, and, as a matter of fact, I never actually finished it.   I’m like that with video games, I get about half way (or more) and then never really finish them.     A couple of years ago I finished Final Fantasy 7 just in time for the movie.   That’s like 10 years or something.

Square Enix released the next installment to the FF line: Final Fantasy Tactics A2.   It follows the same world of FF12, FFTAdvance, and a few others.   It’s a different story but it takes place in the same “world.”   Anyway, FFTactics for the Playstation was really hard to play, but it was tons of fun.   FFTA (for the Gameboy advance) is easy to play and I think I am almost done with it, just in time for the next installment!

Unfortunately, I can’t go out and buy games like I used to, so i may have to wait a while before I go out and get it.   Although, I got Ciriana onto a website for swapping books with other people, but they also do movies, games, and music.   I put some of my old games on there in hopes of getting my hands on some FFTA2.   Heh heh.


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