Sennheisers freaking rock…


Sennheiser HD 280I love audio stuff: It’s my vice.   I can’t really afford the stuff I really want (Klipsch Reference Series… our love was not meant to be…), but I can still get stuff that sounds great.   Ciriana got me a Klipsch Synergy series subwoofer, and it’s been a lot of fun.   I bought some Yamaha speakers at the BX in Germany when I moved out there, and I think they are very close to the rest of the Klipsch Synergy series.   Right now I still have old Sony speakers for the fronts and center…   and they will remain in their current service until I all my other projects are done… sigh.   One thing I definitely think I will not compromise on are headphones.

I needed some headphones for work when I do video recording for classes, so they bought me some Sennheiser HD 280’s and all I could do was squeel like a school girl.   Best.   Headphones. Ever.   Don’t give me that Bose crap; good headphones can noise cancel the natural way without introducing stray sound waves.   Anyway, add the HD 280’s to the Christmas wishlist, cause until I get some new front speakers, this is how I want to listen to music!   Oh, look at that, listening to the pair from work now!   Mmm… they sound so good, I could eat them.

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