Wishlist: Warcraft 3 for the PC

Warcraft 3 battlechest

Warcraft Battlechest

I’ve always loved RPG games, Zelda, although not a true RPG, is one of my top favorites, and the Final fantasy series is probably the trend setter for RPGs.   Real Time Strategy games also hold a special place in my heart.   Final Fantasy Tactics was a TON of fun, on the GBA and the Playstation.   But Starcraft and Warcraft were the ones setting the bars for this genre.   I have Total Annihilation, which I still play every now and then, but it’s not the same as Warcraft.   Warcraft 3 for the PC came out a few years back and I never really got into it.   But ever since we came back to the states, I’ve been back on computer game kick.   Warcraft 3 would be a nice addition to my RTS selection… and it’s online!   Hey, Casey, wanna a play?

Anyway, the game now has an expansion pack too.   They have a “battlechest” that contains the game, expansion, and strategy guides all for $39.99!   That’s a pretty good deal!   You can find it on EBgames.com, so add this to your Father’s Day shopping list!


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