For my Zune 80, Father's Day?


Belkin Remix Zune 80 Acrylic CaseI’ve been pretty ginger with my Zune 80 since I got it.   Don’t touch it!   Don’t look at it!   Must keep it new, after all, it was a gift from my great governement via stimulus.   Anyway, Belkin makes this nice looking acrylic case for Zune 80s that not only looks cool, but sounds like it will fit my style as well.   Screens scratch sooo easily, especially with those plastic covers, so I didn’t want a leather case because of that.   This hard case has a hard screen cover that will protect my screen from the elements and my stupidity.   Although, some reviews say the cover’s screen will scratch somewhat easily, it’s not a big deal since the point is to protect the Precious.   So, for all of you that just love giving me things… all two of you (?), may I suggest a Belkin Remix Acrylic Case?


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