I want a Macbook Pro

Macbook Pro

Macbook Pro

As I get deeper and deeper into design, be it web, graphic, landscape, or home, I notice that my computing resources are reaching their limits. One computer I built last year out of average parts is beginning to show some gray hair. My ibook is seriously out of date with it’s slow processor and CDROM drive. I bought Ciri a PC, but the monitor is not as good as mine so she would boot me off my computer to search the internet. Now I use it as an internal server for web pages I’m building and streaming music to the Wii, etc. I still have my old Sony PC that runs off a P2 and 8MB video card. I plan on using that for baby monitoring somehow. So we have four computers and currently I use one from work that I can bring home work on.

The Macbook would have all my design programs like Photoshop, MS Office, SketchUp, etc. I like how Mac’s work when it comes to productivity, it’s unfortunate that many programs are windows only. Although, that seems to be changing rapidly. The laptop is also rather thin (not “Air” thin, but it’s fairly thin), is very efficient with power (always good when you’re on the road!), and it has a nice 15″ wide screen. All for only 1499 plus tax and shipping. Sigh. One day. Christmas maybe? Oh! Idea! Donations to the cause! Going to start a Paypal donation thingy. Hmmm….

UPDATE (4 JUNE 2008): Because I work for an educational institution, I get a nice discount and right now, they are running a promotion!   Get a free IPod with the purchase of a Mac computer!   Donate to the cause!



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